The Glencoe Historical Society

Every community needs to retain archives and artifacts to document the history and legacy of its contribution to American life.  In Glencoe, the GHS fulfills this role.  Staffed solely by dedicated volunteers, the GHS also educates adults and families in the village through award winning programming and exhibits at our museum campus at 375 and 377 Park Avenue.

Great communities are built by the people of the past and the present.  It is through the Glencoe Historical Society that Glencoe learns of its heritage and its triumphs and, hopefully, learns from its mistakes.  You can learn more about GHS by visiting our website at

The Glencoe Historical Society Board of Directors

Peter Van Vechten, President
Karen Ettelson, Vice President
Kathy Janega, Secretary

Lun Ye Crim (“Lonnie”) Barefield,  Barney Berlin, Mark Brookstein, John B. Carothers III,  Hilde Wheeler Carter, Caroline Erbmann,
Bill Fritz, Eddis Goodale,  Peggy Hamil,  Scott Javore,  David Langenbach,  Mary Osimitz,  Evey Schweig,  Howard Siegel,
Adam Steinback, Greg Turner, Sara Weaver

The GHS Ravine Bluffs Centennial Committee

Scott Javore, Chair
Eddis Goodale, Co-Chair
Adam Steinback, Co-Chair

Barney Berlin,  Caroline Erbmann,  Karen Ettelson,  Kathy Janega,
David Langenbach,  Mary Osimitz,  Ellen Shubart,  Evey Schweig, Peter Van Vechten