The West Gallery

The West Gallery of the museum features material on Wright’s earliest projects in Glencoe, including the 1905 Glasner House, the 1906 plans for Grace Fuller and the 1907 Brigham House.

The gallery also introduces visitors to the 1912 Plan for Glencoe. Sherman M. Booth, Commissioner of the newly organized Glencoe Park District, retained Frank Lloyd Wright and noted landscape architect Jens Jensen to design a plan for the development of downtown Glencoe and neighboring parklands.

The almost 1900 residents of this growing town had given the Park District a mandate “to protect the gateway to the Village against the encroachment of undesirable and disfiguring business structures.”

At the time, Booth had been working with Wright and Jensen on a design for his personal 15-acre estate in what would later become Ravine Bluffs and asked them to prepare the first comprehensive plan for downtown Glencoe. The result was a proposal that was perhaps too forward thinking for this small community, but one that laid a foundation for plans to follow.

Until now, these drawings have never been studied or interpreted together as Booth, Wright and Jensen clearly intended.  The exhibit includes a three dimensional model, commissioned by the GHS, of the proposed Park Avenue Trellis, one of the Wright-designed streetscapes in the plan.

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