Wright Around Town


Artists: Glencoe Historical Society and Our Community
Sponsor: Glencoe Historical Society

This marker, created by members of the Glencoe Historical Society, highlights the colors of the Wright in Glencoe logo and features the hand (and paw) prints of Glencoe residents. It is titled “Community” because GHS sponsored the Ravine Bluffs Centennial Celebration to honor the history and people of this very special community.


Artists: Evey and Becky Schweig
Sponsor: North Shore Community Bank

This marker celebrates Glencoe landmarks. Artists Evey and Becky Schweig painted their favorite views of the Train Station, Kalk Park, the Beach, the Library, Village Hall, Central School, Friends Park and the Glencoe Historical Society. Sponsor North Shore Community Bank, a pillar in our community for many years, is also featured prominently on the globe.


Artist: Jackson Adams
Sponsor: Savin Dental Associates

The design of this marker, the work of Evanston artist Jackson Adams, uses natural elements such as stone to add a sculptural quality that highlights the dominant horizontal plane found in many of Wright’s architectural designs. Savin Dental Associates, which has served the Glencoe community for more than 30 years, is the proud sponsor of this public art.


Artist: Tim Bruce/Lowercase, Inc.
Sponsor: Writers Theatre

From the forward-thinking style of Frank Lloyd Wright to the new Writers Theatre design by Jeanne Gang, this marker celebrates 100 years of significant architecture in Glencoe. The written word is at the core of both Writers Theatre and Wright’s architectural detail. Artist Tim Bruce also incorporated linear patterns found in the work of Wright and Gang for this very special piece.


Artists: Sarah and Joseph Belknap
Sponsor: Chicago Fiberglass Works

Award winning artists Sarah and Joseph Belknap created this marker for Chicago Fiberglass Works, the fabricator of all of the fiberglass markers for this project. Through their art, the Belknaps are interested in opening ways of looking at the environment we live in and exploring their own personal understanding and doubts about fundamental questions of existence.


Artist: Lisa Statland
Sponsor: In Honor of Jesse and Genevieve Cowan
The Anthony-Stein-Schwartz-Loeb Families

This special marker honors Jesse and Genevieve Cowan, who lived at 265 Franklin (now Meadow) and cared for one of the Wright markers from the 1940s until 2003. Artist Lisa Statland’s design was inspired, like much of Wright’s work, by her residency in Japan and incorporates natural elements such as the moon and stars as well as Japanese paper.


Artist: Linda Lee Goldman
Sponsor: BMO Harris Bank

As the world receives its first close-up look at Pluto, this marker celebrates celestial navigation. Artist, Art Therapist and Educator Linda Lee Goldman has recreated the stars, planets and fascinating features of our solar system. You don’t need to go that far, however, to find sponsor BMO Harris Bank, which has been a strong supporter of our community for many years.


Artists: Children’s Library Visitors
Sponsor: Glencoe Public Library

The young patrons of the Glencoe Public Library collaborated with library staff to apply images from withdrawn picture books as well as their own creative drawings to this innovative marker design. The Library is, by definition, a public collective space, and this marker is a source of pride that highlights the Library’s mission of community engagement.


Artists: Coldwell Banker Agents
Sponsor: Coldwell Banker Glencoe

Coldwell Banker has been “at home” in Glencoe since the firm was founded originally as Kahn Realty in 1952. Glencoe has been the headquarters since 1982. The Coldwell Banker Agents, who are intimately familiar with the treasures in our community, designed this marker to highlight the warmth of the texture and colors traditionally used by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Artist: Voytek/Signature of Art
Sponsor: Bev and Wade Fetzer

Artist Voytek, who teaches and displays his work at Glencoe’s Signature of Art, designed this piece reflecting his philosophy that all designs are merely steps for other artists who follow. The artist has a duty to do the best he can to build on those steps. Voytek hopes viewers will use their imagination to interpret his creation, which has been beautifully “overtaken” by nature.


Artist: Venturino Liberatore and the After-School Adventure students
Sponsor: Glencoe Park District

Students in the Park District’s After-School Adventure program learned about the history of architecture as they designed this marker which features drawings of the students’ own homes on the base. The geometric shapes are Froebel blocks similar to those Frank Lloyd Wright played with as a child and inspired him to build greater things.


Artist: Dr. Netiva Caftori
Sponsor: Jennings On the Park, a division of Jennings Realty, Inc.

Dr. Netiva Caftori, a distinguished scientist, educator, author and artist, brought her international background and life experience to the design of this marker she calls “Earth Movement.” Sponsor Jennings on the Park is the North Shore arm of Jennings Realty, a 4th generation family-owned business, which actively supports local community projects.


Artists: Jessica Rosien, Amy Ruzich and Norie Allen
Sponsor: Jessica Rosien and Amy Ruzich

Like Frank Lloyd Wright, Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt was heavily influenced by Japanese art and used patterns and shapes to help define space. The artists for this marker combined and highlighted these common interests using complementary colors that change in a cohesive way as the viewer walks around the marker.


Artists: 2014-15 West School Third Graders
Sponsor: Judy and Lawrence Zager

The students in Brian Fischer’s Third Grade Art Class at West School studied the art and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. They designed this marker to showcase the geometric patterns found in Wright’s stained glass and other designs. The dog is the West School mascot who became, for this project, the Taliesin Westie.


Artist: Beth Alwin
Sponsor: Sidley Austin LLP

Artist Beth Alwin’s design, sponsored by Sidley Austin LLP, transforms this marker into one of Wright’s homes built into a natural environment. The globe denotes a lily pond; the center rectangle, a garden. Prairie grass travels along the base. The shapes illustrate the stone, rock and brick incorporated in Wright’s designs as well as the colors and textures he favored.